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I rented a 70’s P-Bass from Brett and it was hand’s down the cleanest, smoothest, best sounding bass I have ever played. After that, I was motivated to slowly start bringing my guitars and basses in for service and set-ups. It’s been a positive experience all around and at that center of that is Brett. He was warm, personable and funny as hell but what impressed me most is he actually took time out of a pool party he was having to fix the first guitar I brought him and got it done right then and there. I don’t think I have had service like that from anyone in any industry.

Jarrad Hirschman




Full Service Repairs

  • Neck Repair
  • Electronics Replacement
  • Replacing Pickups, Pots
  • All Other

Intonation & Set-Up

Full Set-up and Intonation Services

In Studio or by Appointment

Repair or Set-Up & Intonation Quote Request

My experience has been a revelation in many ways.  He gave me an brief but invaluable education on the science of guitar construction.  Brett’s work ethic and his commitment to restoring a guitar to its correct intonation and intention! His arsenal of instruments are next level and obviously tuned and set by him so you can imagine they play perfectly.  I brought in my guitars, Brett identified each issue and manually adjusted everything until the guitar was perfect. He explained everything as he was doing it which was enlightening for me. He also gave me some much need advice on aftercare so that the guitar maintains its tuning and playability.

Jarrad Hirschman


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